Wednesday, April 09, 2008

They're back!!!!!!!!!!

Yes folks, after this past weekend rain, those unwelcome summer guests, mosquitoes, are back and they are HUNGRY!
Maybe they are not as big as the one in this picture but their bite sure feels like they are!
It is a given that if you are going to garden in Florida during the summer you are going to have to deal with these pesky, relentless insects.
They are always hungriest in the early morning and early evening which, of course, is prime gardening time around here. The little blood-suckers sure aren't stupid!!


gintoino said...

I know what you mean, they are back here too. We now are having a few days of rain, but I'm sure that by next week when the sun is shining and the temperature raises, they will be "coming for our blood"!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Mosquitos are not my favourite insects either. Luckily we have some but not many like you do.

Cheryl said...

We live in a damp area of England and have a problem with them too. They love me to bits literally.
I am fortunate enough to have bats in the loft of our old house and they eat them, yippee!!
Been to Miami many time when the children were little......had lot of fun there.

Cabs said...

Yikes! I am in Massachusetts and this week we had the door to my classroom open for 10 minutes and the room had about 20 of the buzzing beasts!!
Hope your gardens are flourishing there. They are just beginning to emerge here.
I have begun following the gardens of Emily Dickinson this Spring. Her house is 3 2 doors down from mine. I'll be updating the Emily's Garden posts each week, interspersed with other ramblings.
Swing by for a visit!

Jane Marie said...

That is one of the reason why I never visit Florida in the summer. THat and the heat of course.

Surya said...

Mosquitos are common insect in Indonesia. They attack us all year round. The climate is suitable for them. I usually close the doors and windows when it's sunset.

Brenda said...

It is very dry here as we are in the Sonoran Desert, so we have very few mosquitos. I love it!! In the summer in Canada where I am from originally we had tons of them and I think everyone of them found and bite me. I was always itching and scratching. I hate those beasties and don't miss them at all.
We are having lovely evenings right now as the extreme heat and humidity hasn't hit yet and it is lovely to sit out in the evenings and not get eaten alive by the little devils.