Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post for 2012

The last pictures from 2012, these are some of the flowers blooming in my garden today.

The first tomatoes of the season

 This is my neighbor's mango tree, blooming early this year.  What is going on? These trees are suppose to bloom around March.
I hope 2013 brings happiness, health and peace to you and your families

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Home again

Is good to be home again, I was traveling for my 9-5 job most of the month of December.  I don’t travel much for work anymore but this month we had a perfect storm of sick co-workers and employees on vacation, so it was up to me to go.  I spend more days on the road in December that I was at home.
My wife took care of the garden during my absent, she did a good job for someone that is not much into gardening.  We are in the middle of the dry season and daily watering is essential.    The vegetable garden did exceptionally well, except for the cucumbers, but that was my fault for transplanted the young seedling too early.   The bougainvillea’s and the brunfelsia plants exploded with blooms in December.
Today instead of pictures I'm trying another video, sorry the quality is not very good, film making is not one of my talents.