Sunday, September 20, 2020

Let the sunshine in

For the last couple of weeks I been working on bringing back sunshine into my garden.  All my trees are growing rapidly and I need sunlight to filter in and keep the garden's diversity going.  

First on the list of trees needing a trim was the avocado tree.  The avacado season is over and is time to keep this tree in check, avocado trees are very aggressive growers. 

The star fruit tree was on the list for a hair cut.

I am considering removing my Plumeria tree, but that will require a tree cutting service, for now I cut some of the lower branches.  This tree blocks must of the sun during our winter months when the sun is high in the souther hemisphere.

This week I scored three croton plants that my neighbor was putting in the garbage.  These croton plants are gorgeous and I will find a place in my garden for them.