Sunday, February 24, 2013

New look for the front garden

For the last month I have been slowly changing the look of my garden in the front yard.  This is theway the garden looked a month ago.  I reported in this blog that the two palms in my front garden were sick and I had no choice but to cut both, this gave me the opportunity to make some changes.
Over the years I overplanted too many bromeliads in the front garden, something my wife always pointed out.  This makeover was a good opportunity to rectified the mistake and have more of a mix of plants like I have all over my garden, including bromeliads.  I was planning on doing some work on the house and the driveway but those plans changed and it will have to wait.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not a gardening weekend

Last Friday night a cold front moved in, bringing over an inch and half of rain.  By Saturday morning everything was a mess and the temperatures were in the low 50, not the best time to garden.  The rain was a welcome sight, we are in the middle of our dry season, and the rain barrels were empty.
These are the blooms around the garden this week.

Today was a perfect day for an art show, and my family and I attended the 50th annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival (Did not buy any art)
 Not in my house 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I joined a gym

Last week my wife sent me to the local Publix supermarket for milk, and I came home with the milk and a subscription to a new gym next to the store.  This is totally out of character for me, I am not a joiner, but lately I have noticed how out shape I am.
These days the only exercise I get is when I’m gardening on the weekend, which is not enough time for this sixty year old body. My goal is to spend an hour after work each day doing cardio and weights. The club YouFit is a no frills gym; you can’t go wrong with a $10 monthly fee, and no long term contract. So far I like what I see, mostly people like me trying to get in shape.
These pictures are from the garden, on this glorious weekend.


Saturday, February 02, 2013

Is time for a Shooting Star

In our 10b zone, blooming trees are common year around, and in February is the Shooting Star turn.  The Shooting Star or Starburst tree as is more commonly known around here is not native of these parts, some say it comes from the Philippines but no one knows for sure.  Today these trees are found everywhere in South Florida; they have become a favorite of gardeners, the tree grows fast and it’s unquestionably a beautiful tree even when is not blooming.  The only negative is the nuisance of the many suckers it produces.
 The Kalanchoe plants were on sale in my local Home Depot, and I could not resist bringing these three home. Every year I replant them after they are done blooming, but I’m never able to get flowers like this again. The plants grow back healthy but the new flowers are a disappointment.

 Does anyone know the name of the purple plant with round white flowers in this picture?
I found this small cactus full of blooms this morning in the back of my garden.  I totally forgot it was there.   
I would like to end by saying GO RAVENS, we are hosting a Super Bowl party on Sunday, and the garden is ready.