Monday, January 27, 2014

Is time to bring back Zen to the garden

This corner of the garden is where I can usually be found most late afternoon, after a stressful day at work, usually with glass of wine or a stronger drink inhand.  I love to sit there and take in the whole garden as the sun goes down, it recharges my batteries.

Today I had the day off from my 9 to 5 job, and decided to take back my Zen corner.  The heliconias, banana trees and white bird of paradise needed some heavy trimming.



Some bromeliads do well in the shade, and this is a perfect spot for these Persimmons.

These bromeliads on the fence were cover by overgrown plants.

 The old white bird of paradise plants are not very attractive, but the flowers are so tropical. 

Garden Art.
This weekend, I attended a local art show and came home with these two pieces, an ibis bird made of plastic tubes and a beautiful birdhouse.  Some people might not consider these pieces art, but I do and so do the people that made them.    

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hummingbirds and Powerpuff trees are a great combination.

This time of the year my powerpuff tree is in full bloom, and the hummingbirds wintering in South Florida love the flowers.  I been stalking this little guy for days, every morning I come out to get the newspaper with camera in hand and wait.  They move too fast and every day I end up with many blurry pictures.  This morning I was rewarded, one posed for the camera and the lighting was perfect. (My wife tells me that this hummingbird is my snow leopard)   

This weekend around the DragonFly Garden.
The starburst tree is in full bloom.  This is the last year for this tree in my garden; I am planning on cutting it down after the blooms are done.  The flowers are spectacular, but this tree is too aggressive and I am tired of pulling suckers all over the garden.

 In this corner of the front garden, I planted some succulents and bromeliads.  There used to be a large palm tree in this area and now is hard to grow anything here because of the roots.

 Now that the days are getting longer, the vegetable garden is getting more sun light and is doing better.  The broccoli, the yellow cherry tomatoes and the mix greens are producing.  This weekend I planted onions, squash and spinach.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thinning out the herd

The bromeliad herd that is, yes the time has come to face the overpopulation of bromeliads in my small urban garden.  My wife does not like them, I will admit that I have too many, and they are partially responsible for the over population of mosquitoes in my garden.  

My bromeliads did not get the memo about the one child policy at the DragonFly Garden.  Most of the plants will have two to three pups and that’s how I ended up with a garden mostly populated by bromeliads.  I try to find new homes with neighbors and friends, but is getting harder to place all the new comers, I could throw them in the garbage but that goes against my gardening genes.

 Did you know that Spanish moss is a bromeliad.

Fireballs are great for ground cover; this bromeliad was my first, a gift from my dad, and it is responsible for my obsession.  I use it anywhere I need to cover a bold spot, and at the bottom of tree trunks, the colors vary from red to green depending on the amount of sun it gets.

 Aechmea Blachetiana is a popular bromeliad with gardeners in South Florida, the blooms are spectacular and last from three to four months.  The leaves have deadly spikes, so I will need a hazmat suit before I work on this one.