Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

The temperatures were back in the mid seventy today, normal for this time of the year. My plans for this weekend are to get back to the garden and clean up the mess left behind by Jack Frost. I have lots of pruning and plenty of raking to do.

(Picture from this summer)
My wife and I are planning a quite at home New Years night, this is one night of the year that I don’t like to be out, so we are opening a bottle of wine and toast the new year while watching the celebration in Time Square.

I hope you and your families have a happy and healthy New Year, and my all our gardens grow in 2011

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ready for round two

We are getting another round of freezing temperatures tonight and tomorrow night. This is the second time this year and we are not finished with December yet.
What is going on with the weather?

This time I am ready.

I covered my succulents and my vegetable patch; I also moved all my containers to the back of the house. The wind tonight is coming from the west and that means that everything in the front of the house is going to get hit.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where did the butterflies go?

Today I took my camera into the garden; this is the first day that I had any energy to go outside, I been sick in bed with the flu for the last four days.
The garden looks messy, kind of brownish and in need of some TLC, but it will have to wait.
Where did the butterflies go?

Last month the garden was full of butterflies, today this Monarch was the only one I found. The cold weather last week sent them all packing south.
My Plumeria Tree

The plumeria is the only tropical tree in my garden that goes through the four season changes. I kind a like the winter look, but I can do without the messy leaves.

I want some more???

This poor little guy has a problem; there is no more food.

This Gerbera daisy is the only flower left in the back garden after last week’s freeze

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Expecting the worst

I been away on a business trip and came home today expecting the worst, but it wasn’t too bad. My garden was unprotected for the two days the temperatures dropped below freezing, but it came through in good shape.

The coleuses, banana trees and others had some damage but they should come back.

This is the second year my brunfelsia is affected from an early freeze and puts an end to the Christmas show this plant puts on every year around this time.

I hoping to be back in the garden on Saturday but I came home with a cold and I am not feeling all that well.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Back in the garden

For the last month I had been away from my garden, is been a busy month with family matters, a garage sale, and many college football games, so is time to get back to the soil.

Combat gardening

I have been putting off working on this bed in the front garden for a while. Between the little spikes at the edge of the bromeliads and the big spikes in the fig palm, this it is a dangerous place to garden.

I took out some of the old bromeliads and planted the left over from the garage sale.
The fig palm was a gift from a relative. A full-grown fig palm is beautiful, but I am wondering if my small urban garden is an appropriate place for one.

Courtyard garden

The courtyard in the north side of the house is the first thing visitors see when they come to my home. This time of the year it becomes a challenge to keep this garden looking good, it gets shade most of the day and plants don’t do well, except for impatiens. Saturday I visited my local Home Depot and bought several impatiens plants and mulch.

Added another succulent to the collection.

It has become a ritual for me; every time I go to Home Depot I come back home with a new succulent plant. I don’t want too buy them, but the store keeps on bringing more exotic plants.
It’s incredible to me the turn around I have done with these plants, I didn’t like them much before, and then someone gave me a book “Succulent Container Gardens by Debra Lee Baldwin” and I was hook.
The new addition is a crocodile plant.


I found this Kocopelli statue in a garage sale today. Kocopelli is a Native American fertility deity that presides over childbirth and agriculture. (At my age all I needed it for is agriculture)