Thursday, December 16, 2010

Expecting the worst

I been away on a business trip and came home today expecting the worst, but it wasn’t too bad. My garden was unprotected for the two days the temperatures dropped below freezing, but it came through in good shape.

The coleuses, banana trees and others had some damage but they should come back.

This is the second year my brunfelsia is affected from an early freeze and puts an end to the Christmas show this plant puts on every year around this time.

I hoping to be back in the garden on Saturday but I came home with a cold and I am not feeling all that well.


Ami said...

Rusty: Hope you fell better soon! I was also on a business trip last week when the cold front first hit here. My coleus lost all bright color, and turned to black. I miss those beautiful foliage in the garden. We were lucky to live in south Florida, I also only had some leave damages to certain plants, such as tropical lilac.

Darla said...

May gardens are pitiful! Yours looks wonderful to me. Do feel better soon~!

Susan said...

Rusty...I can't believe you got freezing temps all the way down there...unbelievable. Glad to hear your garden did okay...hope you are feeling better soon.

David said...

I did not know it could freeze in Miami. I thought you were too far south for such a thing. I'm going to have to read some more about climate in Florida. Wow!
But, I am sure everything will be all right. We still have not had a freeze here in Houston, so I am happy. Feliz Navidad
David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston