Saturday, May 01, 2021

Second makeover for this corner of the garden

Two months ago, I took out the Rangoon Creeper vine covering the yellow trellis.  I filled up the place with bromeliads, potted plants and started a search to replace the Creeper.  This part of the garden is the first thing anyone sees when visiting my back garden.  I was not happy with the way it looked, a new makeover was need it.  I planted a Bleeding Hart vine to replace the Rangoon Creeper, I also moved my collection of potted Bougainvillea  plants into the space and added a bistro set I found on the street (It happen to be exactly the same as one I have in another corner of the garden. 

This is what the place looked before, like a fool I left the trunk of the old Rangoon Creeper in, it only took a couple of weeks for the shoots to come up all over the newly planted bromeliads. It took me a couple of days to dig out the old trunk.  I kept a couple of the bromeliads and the rest were put outside by the curbside for anyone to take.

New plants in the garden

Bleeding Hart Vine


Passion Flower  Vine


The resident squirrel hanging outside her new condominium.  Only in South Florida do squirrels make a  nest in palm tree. 

This is a Resurrection Lilly (ID with a new phone app) I don't remember how this plant got to my garden, but it has become one of my favorite.  This is one of the few plants in the garden that burst out the ground in spring and dies back in the fall.  The flowers are nice but the leaves are striking.