Saturday, October 07, 2017

The garden's winter guests are arriving

Today I found the first winter visitor, a Prairie Warbler.  These birds spend the summer in southern US and  winter in south Florida and the Caribbean.  They forage for insects in trees and bushes.  I am glad to see this little guy in my garden,  the tree cover in Miami was reduced considerably by the hurricane and that affect their habitat.  

 This morning I worked on this corner of the garden.  Things are looking a little thin, but I am waiting for the end of hurricane season in November before I buy new plants and put down mulch (there should be a lot of free mulch available soon)

 This Chenille plant was one of the few survivors and is doing very well.
Nice surprise this morning, my key-lime tree is full of flowers.  I  didn't get many fruits last year, the tree was not doing well, but it has recover and is looking much better this year.

 I will be working on this corner of the garden next week.