Friday, December 27, 2019

The DragonFly Garden 2019, a year in review

January -  New glass art, all over the garden.  All these colorful battles came from my Dad's collection.  

February -  The mango trees were in full of blooms

March - My bromeliad collection continues to grow.

April - Angels Trumpets were in full bloom.

May -  More butterflies were all around in the springtime. I added many butterfly-friendly plants.

June -  The first mangos of the season were harvested in June

July - Another change to the garden this year was the addition of many orchid plants, all added to trees all over the garden.  Most of the plants came from my Dad's garden.

August -  A disappointing Dragon fruit harvest this year.

September -  The first-ever Avocados were picked at the DragonFly garden. 

October - The snowbirds arrived in the garden this month.

November - I added more colorful croton plants.

December - Starfruits were ready to harvest this month.

From the DragonFly garden, I hope you all have a healthy and happy NEW YEAR

Sunday, December 22, 2019

The best Christmas gift, a meditation garden

This past year, my youngest and single daughter purchased a ground floor condominium that came with a neglected outside patio.  She turned the inside of the condo into a beautiful home, the outside was always my responsibility.  The decision for a Christmas gift was an easy one this year, do the garden I promised her when she got the condominium.  She wanted a low maintenance garden, a place to meditate, to sit and relax with a cup of coffee.      

This is the before picture.  Taking the white rocks out was the hardest part of the job.  I wanted to paint the walls but the condo association would not give me permission.

The birdbath, containers and some of the plants came from my dad's old garden.  This garden is surrounded by large trees that provide lots of shade, so bromeliads from my garden were the best choice.

A garden statue will go in this corner of the garden, unfortunate it did not make it on time for the holidays.

I found these stepping stones in my dad's garden, he had painted flowers on all the stone.  The color of the flowers had faded, so with a little paint, they came back alive again.  It makes me happy to see that part of my father's garden continues in my daughter's new place.

From my family to yours Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah