Sunday, March 29, 2020

Where have all the weeds gone?

Where have all the weeds gone?  I pulled them all out.  I am running out of things to do in my garden, this is what happens when we are all in isolation in our homes and gardening is the only outdoor activity available. 

This Amaryllis flower is the first one to ever bloomed in my garden.  The container came from my parent's garden with a hibiscus plant.  The Amaryllis bulb probably was planted in the container by my dad from some plant that was given to him.  Amaryllis do ok in our climate but rarely bloom.   

I'm spending my time outside practicing my photography with my microlens. 

Stay safe and please stay at home

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Spring time in the land of endless summer

I have two trees in my back garden signaling the start of spring.  The Orange Geiger tree dropped all the leaves in the last couple of weeks and within days flowers and new leaves appeared.  The Plumeria tree blooms first and the leaves come after.  If it wasn't for these trees, it would be hard to tell when winter ends and spring begins.  Winter is becoming a non-event for those of us living in Southern Florida.  

This year we had a large number of Monarch butterflies born in the garden.

Every year this bromeliad turns pink with tiny purple flowers, in a couple of weeks it will turn back to green.

Other blooms and butterflies in the garden


Sunday, March 15, 2020

Among the chaos, flowers bloom, butterflies are born, and birds come to the feeder.

 I don’t have much to add to the discussion that is consuming all of us these days.  Been one of those people that are in the high-risk category, I am blessed to have a garden to scape too.  These past few days I have been spending my days puttering around the garden, picking weeds, planting, moving things around, in other words doing the maintenance work that gardens need year-around.

Flowers in the garden this week

We had an explosion of Monarch caterpillars in the garden this month.  

Milkweed seeds 

During these difficult days, let's try to be kind to one another