Monday, August 27, 2012

After Isaac

Isaac was a lot of hype and little storm (that’s the way I like it) this afternoon I did a quick survey of the garden, and I’m happy to report very little damage.  We had a few broken branches and some trash on the ground, less than an hour of cleaning up.  We lucked out on this one; I hope the Gulf Coast is as lucky

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Preparing for Isaac

Every year we get one of these storms threatening South Florida, it looks like Isaac is coming to our neighborhood late tomorrow or early Monday.  Today we are getting lots of rain and the weather is not ideal for hurricane preparations.
This morning, I did stage one preparation.  Bringing in all the potted plants and lawn furniture.
Stage two would be putting up the storm shutters on the house; I’m waiting to see how close the storm comes to us, and how strong it is. 
Best of luck to every one in harms way 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The most beautiful place on earth

This week my family and I came back from our annual vacation to Sanibel Island, Florida.  Sanibel Island holds a special place in my heart, for the last 30 years my wife and I have taken our daughters there for our annual beach vacation.  This year was a little different, my oldest daughter and her new husband could only come for the weekend.  It was his first time on Sanibel; I hope the tradition continues and expand to our new member of the family.
Most of my time was spend enjoying the beach, reading and taking pictures of birds and nature.  There is no better way to disconnect from the real world and relax.  This year the WIFI was not working in the condo, we suffered some connectivity withdrawals the first couple of days but adjusted after.
These are my favorite pictures from Sanibel.
 Walking the Island trails
 Osprey birds having lunch
 Lots of biking around the Island
 I love to take pictures of Pelicans
 Sand sculptures (I didn't make this whale)
 Didn't catch anything
No words necessary

The garden did not suffer much during my absent, it rained in Miami almost every day. Two weeks away and the garden looks like the gardeners has been away a lot longer

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Time off

I am taking August off from the garden and the blog.  August is the worst time to garden in South Florida; I will be inside in a nice AC room planning all the fall and winter garden projects.
This past Saturday I did regular monthly garden maintenance, between the front and backyard I filled two 50lbs garbage containers with weeds and cuttings.
The video was taken early Sunday morning, I didn't do a good job with the camera and some parts are out of focus (this is a new media for me and a learning process)