Sunday, August 13, 2017

Dragonfruits anyone?

It has been a while since I had time to work in the garden.  Between family vacation, a hectic work schedule and harsh summer weather, there was little time for gardening in the past couple of months.  Today I got up early, before the sun came up and put in a couple of hours in the front garden. There was a need to do some weeding, cutting back some plants and general cleaning up.  The overgrown plants was bothering me every time I walked into the house.   

This week at the DragonFly Garden

These flowers were at peak this week

Every year these orchids put on a show. (I need some help with the name of this white beauties)

The next batch of bananas.

My new garden cat, he was born here and stayed around.   Now I am feeding him, so I guess he is my cat. He doesn't have a name yet and is a little shy.  He doesn't let me touch him, but we are working on it.

When I came home from vacation, I found two Dragonfruits in the Plumeria tree.  We get many flowers every summer but few fruits.  The flower are only open for one night and must be pollinated by moth in the middle of the night. The chances of getting a fruit are not that good.

Summer green everywhere

A new garden resident.