Saturday, July 11, 2020

Where have all the honeybees gone

The humming sound of bees is missing from the garden this summer.  Everyday when I do my daily morning walk in the garden, I can tell that something is missing, there are very few bees around and is not for a lack of flowers. The blue porter weed, the firebush and coleuses are full of summer blooms.  I don't know the reason, it could be colony collapse disorder, or it could also be that the spring agriculture planting in South Florida was disrupted this year by Covid 19.  My home is less than a quarter of a mile from farm land, the late spring vegetables were never planted this year, and the imported beehives they use to pollinate the flowers never came.  

More bromeliad flowers

This bromeliad is a little early this year, they tend to bloom in early fall

Is the time of the year to harvest star fruits and avocados.  
I am looking for a good receipt to cook star fruits

This orchid is the last transplant from my parents house, the new home is my avocado tree.