Sunday, November 22, 2009

The oldest plant sale in South Florida

Today I visited the Ramble at Fairchild Tropical Garden. The Ramble is the oldest plant sale in South Florida, and is the event that all us gardeners wait for every year
The plan for today was to bring little cash and be very selective of what I was buying, and when the money ran out, it was time to go.
I did not count on a new technology, wireless credit card authorization machines. This year many of the plant sellers had these machines that made it very easy and tempting for the weak gardeners like me to buy with plastic.

Here is the list of plants that follow me home this year.
1 – Neo Royal Burgundy bromeliad, the color is magnificent I could not resist this one.
2 - Vriesea Zamorensis this sun loving bromeliad is perfect for my front garden.
3 – Elephant Plant (Bonsia Portulacario) I will be trying to do a bonsai with this plant.
4 – Sansevieria Cylinndrica “skyline” – This exotic succulent caught my eye and I had to have it.
5 – Horsetail (Equesetum Hyemale) – Another exotic plant that caught my eye, this one came with a warning from the seller, to keep it in containers and not to put it on the ground, is suppose to be very aggressive.

Next year the credit cards are staying home.


Unknown said...

Wow, what dashing red/orange flowers! They both look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rusty~~ 'Neo Royal Burgundy' YUM !! When I saw Equisetum I was going to quickly warn you of its invasiveness. I'm glad the vendor was being responsible. They're not always. I could tell you some stories....LOL Credit cards seem to be the new cash. Don't they know we're weak?

Uniquely Ella said...

OMG Rusty, you did really great can't wait to see them in your garden. I'm sure you will find the perfect spot for them. I could not make it to the Rambler this year.

Sujata said...

Hello Rusty. The first plant has such striking looking flowers. Its beautiful.
Does the horsetail grow in Florida climate? I thought it grows at high altitudes.

Darla said...

You best take the warning on the friend has it popping up all over her gardens, mine is container bound!

Susan said...

I love that dark bromeliad. The dark ones are my favorites. Nice selection.