Monday, April 18, 2011

My working vacation – Part I

Yesterday I started working on the new trellis in my side garden.

First on the list was getting rid of the old trellis with the overgrown Mexican flame vine.

The Mexican flame, like must vines are beautiful to look at when they are in full bloom, but they are a pain to maintain. (This picture was taken two weeks ago)

Is going to take a couple of garbage pick up to hold away the Mexican flame.

My plans are to build a replacement wooden trellis, one that can take the weight of an overgrown vine.

Spring South Florida style

My Plumeria tree is beginning to bloom

I am having so many problems with the blogger publisher. Moving pictures and the spacing on the posts are impossible. Is there anyone out there having the same problems? Tonight I canceled the post with all the comments by mistake trying to fix the problem.


sherryocala said...

Rusty, I've figured out a few things. First thing, start by adding several returns. I have found that if I add a photo without a 'vacant' line under it already, I can't add a return to type more text and wind up typing in the caption of the last photo.

I can only drag a photo if it's in the center position, and sometimes when I let it go at the bottom of the frame to scroll the frame lower (or higher), the photo will shift to the right and then won't move. If I put it back in the center, I can move it.

Sometimes it's easier to delete the thing than move it.

Also, I've started uploading all of the photos I'm going to use in a post in the beginning rather than one at a time (back and forth) as I insert them. Then I deselect all of them and select a photo when I'm ready to insert it - always with a vacant line (or two or three) under it. Then when I'm done I delete any empty lines throughout the post. Sometimes it takes several hits on the delete key to finally do the job.

Doing a post is surprisingly time consuming - and exasperating!! I'm really sorry you lost your post tonight. That's the pits!

Susan said...

Hi Rusty...That Mexican flame vine was sooooo pretty but it does seem as though most vines are pretty heavy duty and need a strong structure. I do wish we had some smaller vines for smaller areas like the clematis up north. I plant mandevilla because it doesn't go crazy on me but it does freeze back every winter...fortunately it does come back. Have fun on your week off.