Sunday, August 25, 2013

Planning for the Fall Vegetable season

Is that time of the year once again, for South Florida gardeners to start planning our fall vegetable gardens.  Yesterday I cleared out all the weeds and pullout what was left from last year’s garden.  This year I will be expanding a couple of the beds and going high (Pictures to follow)

I am the ultimate optimist when it comes to my vegetable garden, every year I have mix results and every year I persist and hope the next season will be better.  The main reason for most of my failures can be attributed to “location, location, location”.  The long strip between my house and my neighbor's house is the only space I have available for the vegetable beds, unfortunate during the winter season this part of the garden gets limited sun exposure. 
Last year started all my plants from seeds, with limited success.  The carrots, peppers and salad greens did well.  The tomatoes, eggplants, broccoli and cucumbers perform poorly.  This year I’m planning to do 50/50, some I will grow from seeds and others I will purchase the seedlings from local nurseries, especially the tomatoes.
This yellow pepper plant survived the hot summer month and continues to bear fruits.  This is a first in my garden; usually these plants are all dead by early June.  


Susan said...

Getting the hang of growing veggies in Florida is definitely not all that easy. Good luck to you, and I hope you have a bountiful harvest.

africanaussie said...

You are just coming into your growing season, while we are heading into our wet season. I also decided to grow a lot of things on trellises this year! on the whole it worked well. I had cucumbers and beans on trellises and in the shade part underneath them I grew lettuces and bok choy. I planted lettuce and bok choy seeds very close together and then harvested the leaves as they grew. It worked very well.

Unknown said...

I really need to get moving on cleaning up the veggie garden and get planting!Whew!