Sunday, March 05, 2017

The winds of Lent or “Los vientos de quaresma”

There is a superstition in Cuba, told by farmers that every year during the time of Lent, the days become very windy and they call it “Los vientos de Quaresma” This year Lent started last Wednesday and so did the windy days, today is a beautiful day outside but very windy.   This weekend I decided to spend time outside enjoying the garden, no work except for watering and some weeding.  I noticed that the bird feeder is not as busy as previous days and that many of our winter visitors left early this year.

This is my only azalea plant, I love these flowers, but the heat and humidity of South Florida is not to their liking.  I was in Orlando last week on business and noticed that they are not in bloom there yet.  The bougainvilleas on the other hand love our climate; this year’s mild winter has been great for their flowers.

This week at the DragonFly Garden.

I have another cat with kittens making her home in my garden, she gave birth to two babies.  We have many feral cats in our neighborhood, unfortunate our local government does not pick up wild cats and is up to us to pick them up and take them to the humane society.  This is the second litter of cats for this mama in my garden.  I am going to try to catch her when the babies are older and take her to the vet to have her fix and release her back in the neighborhood.  By default she has become my cat, my wife is allergic to cats so bringing her to the house is out of the question.  I will also try to get these babies adopted. 

Update on my vegetable garden.  All three tomatoes plants have flowers and fruits.  The herbs are doing well and the swiss chard is ready for picking.

This is Cuban culantro, it is similar to cilantro but much stronger, great for cooking Cuban food.

My two key lime and lemon trees in containers are full of flowers.  A great surprise because both plants were not doing so well not long ago, both plants were sick with a fungus disease.

I divided these giant white begonias last year and planted the bulbs all over the garden.  This winter I was rewarded with these beautiful white flowers.    


Misti said...

Every time I come and read your blog I miss south Florida!! The birds have left but now it is time for mosquitoes to come back!

My friends (Marc and Eliana) run Project Pet Snip down in Kendall for a low cost spay and neuter service. They have done tons of trap-neuter-release in Miami and used to run a mobile clinic. Might be something to check out if you have a lot of ferals you want to re-release and can't rehome.

Anonymous said...

the white bougainvillea is beautiful.Seems that we live in the same zip code, where can i purchase white bougainvilleas? i have never seen them at homedepot.

also recently i got a bird feeder and i cant get any birds to visit, i would love you to share some tips.