Sunday, February 11, 2018

Conquering the beast

This weekend I tried to conquer the beast, my Aechmea Blanchetiana bromeliad.  Those of you that follow this blog know that I have a obsession with bromeliads, this one has gotten away from me.  The container where I planted the original plant is cracking from the number of pups growing from the bottom.  I been thinking about dividing the beast, but the spines on the leaves are lethal, they take no prisoners, I have the scrapes on my arms to prove it.  I was able saved several pops to be planted some where else in the garden, 

This was a good time to clean up the other bromeliads in my front yard.

The front yard is recovering nicely after it was destroy by hurricane Irma

The powterpuff tree is blooming again, not as strong as before but I had to cut it back after the hurricane.

The blue daze flowers are a favorite of bees and they look great early in the morning

Other blooms from the garden.

We are in the middle of our dry season, a perfect time for all my bougainvilleas in containers to bloom. 

Cup of Gold flowers

I never get tired of of taking their pictures of my Hibiscus flowers (my favorite)

Angel's of trumpets flowers

Bees are pollinating my mango flowers, looks like is going to be a good mango season.

Only two mango survived from the early December blooms 

This knight anole was photographed in my brunfelsia bush.  These lizards are not native and can be aggressive to our native and smaller lizards. 


Anonymous said...

You might try rose gloves - they cover your arm up to your elbow - when you are tackling your bromeliads. I finally got a pair and they help tremendously.
Keeping them in containers, especially the spikey ones, is something I had to learn after I had to thin out a bed they decided to take over.
jan in FL

Misti said...

Ahhh, dry season in Florida---I miss that season. Your garden looks great!

CIELO said...

Very beautiful... I love the Florida garden and Tropical feels of lush plants...