Thursday, July 12, 2018

Time for a summer haircut

It is no secret that during the hot, rainy and humid South Florida summer months, plants grow like they are on steroids.  This week I spent the time cutting back many of the trees, bushes and any plants that were getting out of hand.  Seven full garbage containers later, I think I’m done for the next couple of months.

At times like this, I am regretting the number of trees I planted in my small back garden.  Last count I have six fruit trees, five flower trees and four palm trees.  Over the years my back garden has become a shade garden and it's one of the reasons I cannot grow vegetables anymore.  Don’t get me wrong I love my tree canopy, it is a green oasis in the middle of an urban desert, but the work it takes to keep it all under control is not easy, especially for my 65-year-old body.   There are other times when it is all worth it.  This week I was working outside when several Blue Jays hiding in my trees, started making noises like it was a three-alarm fire.  The subject of all that noise was a big hawk perch on top of my house, an alarm system to all the other birds and creatures in the garden.   

This week at the DragonFly garden

These bromeliad flowers look like they are part of a coral reef

This young Cardinal bird is spending the summer in the garden.


Misti Little said...

I think we, too, are going to regret planting some of our trees in about 10 years. When we moved in it was the end of a drought and 10+ large pine and hardwood trees had died on our 1.2 acres. We've since replaced them all and more with smaller ones but I dread what may happen to our edible garden space one day!

The garden is looking lovely after its cleanup!

CIELO said...

Que lindo!