Friday, January 10, 2020

My first post of 2020

I am looking forward to a good 2020 and I started the new year working and taking photos of my garden.  I have many plans for the garden this year, this month I'm starting with the side garden.

Bromeliad flowers have the most vivid colors.

The Bromfelsia bush (Yesterday-Today and Tomorrow) is full of flowers.

My neighbor's mango tree is also full of flowers

I rediscovered this Yuca plant in the back of my garden. I don't particularly care much for these plants but I found this one in the trash bin of my former office several years ago and I couldn't walk away.  After some cleaning, look at her now. 

My parent's house is on the market and for the last few weeks, I have been moving some of their plants and garden decorations to my place.  The last plant I need to move is the Rosebush below.  This rose comes from my grandmother's garden in Cuba.  My father brought a cutting with him after he visited her in 1975 before she died.  Cuttings from this plant have been given to relatives from Vermont to Texas.  I have been a recipient of a couple of these cuttings over the years but every time they don't last.  I have come to the realization the roses are not my thing.  I need to make this work, this is the original plant.  I don't know if I should transplant to a container or put it on the ground. (the soil in my garden poor)  Should it be in full sun or shade?  Any advice is welcome.

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