Sunday, February 09, 2020

Birding and gardening throughout the month

One of the pleasures of gardening in South Florida is taking pictures of the birds visiting the garden, especially during the winter.  This year we have not had as many visitors as years past.  We have the regulars coming every day for a meal at the bird feeders and those that stop by during the winter months.     

This hummingbird comes to the garden every year during the winter months.  He loves my Firebush plant but this year most of the flowers are facing my neighbor's yard, so he's not very visible from my side.

This morning I took a picture of these two Zebra butterflies mating.

When there are no tomato plants around, the Hornworms go after the Angel's Trumpets plants.

Flowers this month

The Milkweed is looking good, lots of food for the Monarch's this summer 

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