Sunday, June 28, 2020

JUNE, month of Water Lilies and butterflies

June is one of those months that you must get through when you live in a sub-tropical climate like South Florida.  Between the constant rain, the hot humid weather, and the armada of new mosquitos.  There is not much to like about this month if you are a gardener.  The month is not a total washout, there are a few bright spots.  The water lilies blooming all over the garden like wildflowers and the large number of butterflies visiting the garden, especially the zebras.

Mexican petunias are also popular in June.

Dozens of Zebra butterflies overnight in my Firebush plant

Julia butterflies are also common this time of the year

I pruned both my mango trees this week.

Avocados are almost ready for harvest. 

Stay safe


Misti said...

We've had a flush of rain lilies this last week due to rain after a dry spell. Happy 4th of July to you, too!

Gone Tropical said...

Lovely Rainlilies, one of my favorite summer flowers. I still have mangoes ripening on my tree, but it will have to be cut back as well. They just grow way too tall :-)

CIELO said...

Todo muy lindo, Rusty!