Saturday, November 05, 2011

My winter vegetable garden is done

Today I finished my vegetable garden, it was a perfect day for gardening. The temperature was in the mid sixties in the morning, a sunny day with a light breeze coming from the ocean.

In this bed I'm sowing different kinds of lettuces, arugula and spinach In this one I planted broccoli, eggplant and red peppers.

Here I have my tomatoes.

The Painted Bunting

This week we had a new guest in our bird feeders, a male painted bunting. This is a first for my garden, according to my Florida bird book, this little guy likes to winter in SE Florida.


Darla said...

YOur veggie beds look awesome. It was a wonderful day for gardening. I wish I could see a painted bunting!

Tova said...

looks amazing! love the setup.

Hanna at Orchid Care said...

I particularly love your painted bunting. It’s a terrific idea which I think I’ll copy, if you don’t mind.

Your winter vegetable garden may be all set but I haven't begun working on mine yet. Shame on me!

Queen of Caffeine said...

I'm so happy I found your blog! Can't wait to follow along and see what else you come up with :-)

Unknown said...

What is it that you put on top of your soil?