Saturday, June 02, 2012

New Rain Barrel

Today I replaced one of my leaking rain barrels; the new wood grain barrel from RTS Home is made with sturdier materials.  The 50 gallons barrel plus the 35 gallons additional tank, gives me 85 gallons reservoir on each side of the house.  I’m thinking of adding another one in the front garden, I can’t stand seen all that water going to waste. 
The South Florida water crisis during the winter dry season is getting worst every year.  The water management people are adding more restrictions and the first to go is garden use. 

If you are considering buying a rain barrel, stay away from these cheap square plastic containers.  I purchased 2 a couple of years ago and both licked in less than 2 years.

This week I noticed that my Orange Geiger tree has flowers.  I got this tree in a county tree give away last year.  In one year it has more than double in size.

The Orange Geiger tree is native of the Florida Keys; the bright orange flowers are a favorite food for hummingbirds.   

See my favorite pictures from the garden this week on my other blog The Viewfinder


NanaK said...

Glad you got your rain barrel set up in time for rainy season. I had a 'leaker' last year - so frustrating. I finally bought a new barrel and so now I'm all set. It's amazing how just a little rain will fill those barrels up. Lovely Geiger tree.

Tree Service Queens said...

Agreed, plastic containers never cut it. They're 'durable' for a year or so, then poof... Collapses next thing you know it. I'm sorry to hear that gardening is the first target on water use limitations, thats highly unfair. The flora and tree life around us are already taking a beating enough.

-Oscar Valencia

Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you AFTER you spent the money but you can all the barrels you want for free. I got mine at the closest public car wash place. They're not all full of toxic chemicals. I've had 3 installed for 6 years now. They rock! The plants love the rain barrel water better than hose water. Have you thought about connecting 2 together? I also don't want to use you to mention a website I did on my water barrels but I have one on squiddoo.

Billige Tekster said...

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Cameron Wheeler said...

Great photos, that mango looks delicious! Florida Organic Growers is hosting a summer snapshot contest for a chance to win a cool vinyl wall decal. All you have to do is send a photo of a flower of vegetable to the facebook page and if you get the most 'likes' by the end of the month you win! For more information, visit: