Saturday, June 09, 2012

Summer gardening in South Florida

Today was a typical summer day, it was hot and humid, I was able to put in a couple of hours this morning but by 10am it was time to come in.
Orchids in bloom today 
 Lady of the night bloomed this week
 The first mango of the season, only 4 left in the tree.
 My dog Rosie out in the sun (5 minutes was all she could take)
 This Cloudless Sulphur butterfly visited the garden today
 Today I organised my garden shed


(@) said...

Time well spent. Your pictures astound me!

freerangegirl said...

Growing your own mangoes! I'm so envious! Your garden looks stunning

Seo Tekst said...

The lovely and more fantastic garden shared on the site so that can be used in this garden. There are different flower and enjoyable also.

Roslyn said...

Beautiful flowers AND a tidy garden shed. I'm envious. It's winter here - not many flowers and my shed is a mess.