Monday, January 16, 2017

Hiking in the River of Grass

Every year around this time, I spend a day hiking the trails at Everglades National Park.  Yesterday was a perfect day for hiking; the temperature was in the mid seventies, sunny and no mosquitoes.  This year the water levels seem higher and there was plentiful wildlife out.  I took my Nikon camera and got some nice pictures. 

 Gators are kings around here, they are everywhere where there is water
 This is an American Crocodile, the Everglades is the only place in North America where gators and crocs live side by side.  This big guys looked fearsome.
 Birding is quickly becoming one of my favorite past time.

 These are American Coot ducks, there were thousands in this lake, all swimming in different pods.

The Everglades has been in the news recently, as our politicians continue to discuss funding for the restoration of the natural water flow to the park.   The river of grass is drying up, due to man made mistakes made years ago and now is the time to fix it.  If you care for this national treasure, I urge you to write to your politicians, we owe it to future generations.

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