Monday, January 30, 2017

The rain is always welcome

Yesterday we had rain the entire day, a rare event for us during the winter season.  These days global warming is changing weather patterns where nothing is rare anymore.  I have been under the weather with a head cold that kept me from work and the garden for the last few days.  Today is the first day I had any energy to go outside with my camera and take pictures. 

Pictures from around the garden

Bananas coming soon to a kitchen near you

Three strawberries plants $9.99, three hanging baskets $24.99 the pleasure of growing your own strawberries, priceless!!!! (the most expensive strawberries ever)  

This morning I took out my macro lens to practice the art of macro photography (I need a lot of practice)  

Wildlife in the garden.
This hummingbird is a daily visitor to the Firebush plant

This snowbird is a Prairie Warbler.


Misti said...

LOL at the strawberries---yes, sometimes growing your own doesn't make sense but dang if it isn't fun anyway!

Your garden is beautiful right now.

Green Thumb said...

My banana trees here in the Philippines is fruiting also. You have a lush garden.