Sunday, September 09, 2018

The accidental collector of bromeliads.

In my early gardening days, I didn’t have much affinity for bromeliads.  My gardening guru, my dad loved bromeliads and his garden was full of them.  Whenever dad would come to visit, he would bring me a bromeliad plant as a gift.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that they were not my favorite type of plants, but I always found a place for them in my garden.  Little by little, these plants won me over and today they cover about 60% of my garden.  Most of the bromeliads in my garden today, are descendants from my father’s garden.  My dad passed away last year, and my mom is no longer able to take care of his garden.  Whenever I visit her I try to do some work in their garden and keep it going for her.  Sometimes I find bromeliad plants in the most unexpected places, these days I am the one that brings the bromeliad plants to their garden, to keep the tradition alive.
 Bromeliads are perfect plants for the South Florida climate, they thrive in our hot, humid and wet summer months and can handle our mild and dry winters.  This week I made some changes in my back garden.  I took out the old plants and put others in pots.
 Moved the windmill to the front and away from the big trees.  
 These little ones are great ground cover and excellent climbers 


Work in progress

I have several Cuban Knight anoles in the garden.  They are not native to South Florida and are very destructive to the local lizards' population and bird's nest.  

The lady of the night is in full bloom and the aroma at night is intoxicating  

Good luck to everyone in the East Coast in the path of hurricane Florence, I hope she stays away from land and goes out to sea.  Be Safe.

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Misti said...

Love bromeliads! Have you ever walked the trams at Fakahatchee Strand? East Main trail is a good one to walk on as it is usually mowed up to the Fakahatchee Hilton cabin--about 1 mile, maybe 1.5 miles down the tram. There were a lot of Guzmania bromeliads along that trail but I know the Mexican bromeliad weevil was doing some destruction.

Your garden looks lovely right now!