Sunday, January 14, 2007

Time to clean the Pond

I have a small Pond with running water in the back yard that I got a couple of year ago. The idea was to get some water plants, make the pond hospitable for fish and have a self-contained habitat. The reality has been that I never found the time get the plants and forget about the fish, with all the wild cats in my neighborhood they would not last a night.
Changing the water turned out to be a pain in the you know what, every two to three weeks the water gets green and murky and is time to change the water. The job is not pleasant. We have a Bufofrog in the yard (more about this frog in future listing) that comes to the pond every night to feast on bugs. I know is time to change the water when frog stops coming around.
I admit I enjoy the sound of running water when I sit in the patio with my cup of coffee and the morning paper, but I wish it wasn’t so much work.

What is in bloom in the garden today?

White Bird of Paradise



Brenda Maas said...

Lovely pics. as usual.
I am sure that you know that if you did get the plants and the fish in your pond you would have less work. The fish and the plants both keep the water clean. The fish also eat the insect eggs so you would have less mosquitoes, etc.. I had several ponds, one of them was quite large and deep (10'x6'x5'deep). I used to buy "feeder fish" from the pet store. These are the goldfish that are sold to people with carniverous fish such as piranhas for food for them. The feeder fish at that time, were very cheap, something like $4.00 dollars for a dozen. Sometimes I would lose some to disease until I got smart and put some medication in the water with the new fish. They require very little feeding after a point, as they eat what is in the pond, keeping your water clear. The plants and the running water oxygenate the water for the fish. You need to let new water sit for a few days before adding the fish if you have chlorine or floride in your city water, to let it disipate or it will kill your fish. My nephew still has my "feeder fish" which are now 8 to 10 inches long!!! They are over 2 years old. I never had to clean my ponds when I had fish in them.
I had lots of cats, birds, etc. out in the country and never had problems, when a cat comes around the fish would hide in the plants, etc..

Gary said...

I don't have a pond, but I have lots of puddles when it rains.

That coleus looks great. I lost min this year when the temperature dropped to thirty one. I should have protected it.

Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

Oh, that coleus looks fantastic! I never knew it could have such large flower heads. Mine usually only have a scant few.

Jeanette said...

lovely pics of your pond love the Bromiliads. I havent seen a white Bird of paradise, I have a yellow one and I was outside today taking Photo,s of my Pond and Bromiliads today , will be posting my pond in a few days time.

Pond Kits said...

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