Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Bougainvillea is coming down.

Garden early in the morning,
We had a beautiful day in South Florida today. This morning the temperature was in the mid fifties, rising by the afternoon to the mid seventies, a sunny day with few clouds in the sky and a nice breeze coming from the Atlantic Ocean, a perfect Chamber of Commerce day.

If you are tired of cold weather “come on down” Florida is waiting for you, our state economy needs you.

Today I worked on my bougainvillea by the side of the house. It has taken me a long time to cut it down, but I am almost done. My advise to anyone that has a bougainvillea tree don’t let it get like this.


Green thumb said...

You've managed to do a fine job after 'this' situation.
The day and the ambiance looks very very inviting. I wish I could drop in there, sadly, my economy doesn't allow me such leisure, at least not now:-(

Tira said...

Hmm, I am still wondering whats so bad about "this" as that's the look we aim for! Maybe its out of proportion in your yard?